About Program
This training program exits candidates with 3D Animation capabilities such as basics of rigging, frame by frame motion graphics using timeline manipulation, etc. It is designed to produce 3D Animators at a vocational level capable of Animation talents inclusive of soft skills such as career tutelage oon how to protect & sell your designs, how to interpret clients brief, etc.

National Certificate in 3D Animation and Visual Effects

Career Path
3D Animator, 3D Modeler, 2D to 3D Visual Interpreter, 3D Avatar Exporter, 3D Animation Trainer

Course Curriculum

Week 01 – Introduction to Animation
Brief overview and the concepts of 3D Animation.

Week 02 – Rigging and Skinning
Lessons on how to rig and skin characters as well as add weights.

Week 03 – Timeline Motion Scene Records
Recording frame by frame motion graphics of an active scene/s from a camera or two.

Week 04 – Rendering

Week 05 – Project Based Learning

Week 06 – Project Based Learning

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