AVR Coding/Scripting

About Program
This training program exits candidates with skills to program a fully functional AVR application in UNITY using the C# language.. It is designed to produce c# programmers at a vocational level capable of stereoscopic simulating development talents inclusive of soft skills such as career tutelage on how to protect & sell your designs, how to interpret clients brief, etc.

National Certificate in Information System Development in Media

Career Path
c# programmer, Unity Game engine simulator, Binary/computer Data manager, Digital simulator

Course Curriculum

Week 01 – Basics of Coding
An brief introduction to AVR History and C# Coding Language.

Week 02 – Advanced Coding
Intricate and slightly intense coding methodologies in the C# Language.

Week 03 – Stereoscopic Parallax
Introduction to the basics of Unity.

Week 04 – Physics and Triggers in Unity
A brief overview on character movement in the Unity Game Engine.

Week 05 – Advanced Coding(Class Structures)
Advancing in Coding to incorporate scripts in Unity.

Week 06 – Advanced Simulation (Unity Game Engine)
Overview of the Unity VR Setup and VR Functionalities.

Week 07 – Advanced Simulation AR
An Overview of the advanced methodologies of Augmented Virtual Reality simulations.

Week 08 – Career Tutelage
Project Based Learning

Project 01

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