Graphic Design/Visual Arts

About Program
This training program exits candidates with digital visual arts capabilities such as enhancing 2D image designs with fresher exposure, composition of application user interface and user experiences(UI/UX), etc. It is designed to produce graphics designers at a vocational level capable of Visual Arts Content composition talents inclusive of soft skills such as career tutelage on how to protect & sell your designs, how to interpret clients brief, etc.

Further Education and training Graphics Design & Digital Visual Arts

Career Path
Asset creation texture, Website developer,  Cinematographer, Photo Editor, UI/UX Composer

Course Curriculum

Week 01 – Introduction to Digital Visual Artistry
Brief overview of digital visual arts and the Photopea edit online suite.

  • Day 01 – Introduction to Visual Arts
  • Day 02 – Graphics Design Software suites
  • Day 03 – Introduction to Photopea
  • Day 04 – UX vs UI
  • Day 05 – Digital Visual Arts Designs

Week 02 – Advanced Design Methodologies
Intricate design techniques and brand portal composition.

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